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Curtis Wildlife Sells, Delivers, and
Installs Redneck Blinds

Curtis Wildlife is a certified Redneck Blind dealer and hunting property management consultant located near Athens, Ohio. We sell, deliver, and install Redneck Blinds across the state of Ohio, as well as the surrounding states. These quality, American-made hunting blinds will improve your hunting experience. The hunting blinds will also keep you warm and safe while you wait for the perfect shot. Choose between several towers or ground hunting blinds. Our ground hunting blinds include bale, ghillie, camo, and burlap coverings. Feel free to contact us online or by calling (330) 327-6747 to find out what works best for you. We will also deliver and install the hunting blind for you anywhere in Ohio or the surrounding states.

Trust Our Experience to Set Up
Your Property for Hunting

If you are frustrated after another empty hunting season, it may be time to hire a hunting land management consultant. As a hunting land management consultant, Curtis Wildlife can help you set up your hunting property. We travel to you to make sure that your camp is optimal for the whitetail deer hunting experience. Finding pinch points on your hunting property where whitetail deer are likely to travel is the first step. Next, we will show you the best place to set up game feeders on your property. We will also tell you where to put food plots and what crops would be best suited for your property. Schedule a consultation with Curtis Wildlife before the next deer season.

Attract and Feed Whitetail Deer
With a Dedicated Food Plot

Food plots are an excellent way to attract and retain deer. This will improve the quality and size of the herd on your land. If you grow food they like and want, they will stick around for an easy meal. Curtis Wildlife will come out to your property and help guide you. When we come to your property, we test the soil. This allows us to find out what type of crop is best for your soil. We will work the land with a wide variety of equipment to prepare it for planting. We will even plant the recommended plants. Curtis Wildlife makes sure you have the knowledge to properly maintain your plot. We also work together to come up with a plan for future planting. We want you to get the most out of your food plots.

About Travis Curtis

Curtis Wildlife’s owner Travis Curtis worked in the refining industry for more than 20 years. But, his real passion for the past 30 years has been hunting and fishing. Travis Curtis now uses his passion to help others who enjoy the great outdoors with land management.
The American Way TV featured his obsession with farming and wildlife property management recently. Travis Curtis says his drive in business and life comes from his love of the outdoors. He strives for the victory of success. Travis loves when it all comes together, and he can enjoy the harvest with family and friends. These are the memories that keep his passion alive.

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